70’s fashion staples that you can wear in 2021

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If there is one fashion rule to follow, everything old will eventually be new again. The free-spirited 70’s designs have captured our hearts this year. The decade of disco and glam rock is back. We are giving a not-so-subtle nod to the 70s at the moment as New York Fashion Week had models strutting out in denim dresses, slips, flared pants, and crocheted tops. Quietly adding a piece or two from your parents’ or grandparents’ closet, paired with modern staples, is the way to go- you can have a refreshing inspiration from the decade without looking like you are going to a Halloween party. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Tie-and-dye: This hippie staple is back in a modern avatar. Pair a tied and dyed tee with basic jeans, or choose muted colors like a simple indigo-and-white combination. Pastel tie and dye in small doses also suit most people.
  • Maxi dresses: Loose, flowing dresses are great for spring-summer. Fresh materials like Tencel and modal make them extra soft. Stick to simple patterns or solid colors for a more classic look. Vertical-striped maxis are also a great choice.
  • Chunky jewelry: A disco-era favorite, chunky necklaces, and snake chains are back in fashion. If simple is not your look, show off some bling. Layered chains, gold hoops, tassel necklaces… the options are endless. Even stacked rings and signet rings make a comeback.
  • Bell bottoms: If one style became synonymous with the ’70s, it is bell bottoms. Bell bottoms were showcased in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 2020 collection, and the trend has dripped into everyday denim. However- venture into this style with caution – it is not flattering on many body types.
  • Crochet: Time to take out all those crochet tops that grandma made for you. Chunky knits and see-through pieces give it a more modern feel. Gabrielle Union was seen embracing this trend. Not so keen on wearing a crocheted dress? Opt for a crocheted accessory, like a bag or a scarf. Got some time on your hands? DIY a crocheted piece of your own!  
  • Clogs – for all genders: Androgynous clothing was highlighted by 70s rockstars performing in sky-high platforms. We see a revival of this trend with clogs coming back into fashion, and not just for the ladies. Speaking of which-
  • Unisex clothing: Now more than ever, people question what gender norms mean and if clothing should be restricted by gender at all. Oversize button-down shirts, satin slip dresses, trouser suits, overalls, and anything which does not have too harsh a structure to it is increasingly being worn by people of all genders.

If you have vintage clothing saved from the yesteryears, good for you! Time rewards the people who take care of their belongings. Fashion is a cycle, so hang on to every piece you love – what may not be trendy today is sure to come back sooner or later. 

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