Barcelona Win First Women’s Champions League Final in Gothenburg

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The Barcelona women’s team had the time of their life when they won the Women’s Champions League title. Though it was all smiles and cheers for the Barcelona team, the Chelsea team was not enjoying any of it as they suffered a humiliating defeat conceding four goals. Luck was not on Chelsea’s side as an attempted clearance by Melanie Leupolz went in for an own goal. After that, Barcelona Femenino earned a penalty, and Alexia Putellas made most of it as she made the scoreline 2 – 0.

  • Fans still thought that Chelsea would turn this game around, but all hopes were lost when Aitana Bonmati passed the ball perfectly to Caroline Graham Hansen, who put the ball in with ease; this goal put Barcelona Femenino out of sight.
  • Chelsea did seem to put in a lot of effort to score during the second half, but it was all in vain as they could not get the ball into the opponent’s net. This victory allowed Barcelona to become the first team to win both women’s and men’s Champions League finals. To top it all off, this was the biggest winning margin by a team in the Women’s Champions League final.
  • On the other hand, the Chelsea team had a fairly decent season as a whole as they were able to win the Women’s Super League and the League Cup. They had hoped to add the Champions League trophy to their cabinet, but it wasn’t to be, in the end.
  • This was Chelsea’s first Champion’s League final, and it was also the first time an English club had reached the final since 2007 when Arsenal won the cup.
  • During the first attack, Barcelona’s Lieke Martens manages to target the crossbar from well outside the box. However, Fan Kirby tried to clear the ball for Chelsea to hit teammate Leupolz which caused the ball to fall into their net.
  • A glimmer of hope could be seen in the eyes of Chelsea fans when Pernille Harder was found unmarked from a cross by Jess Carter. However, Harder could not make the most of this golden chance and ended up shooting over the goal.
  • During the second half, Chelsea had the commanding position and was keeping the opponent on the toes. However, they could not create any notable chances, and being four goals down was not giving them any more motivation.
  • Even though they lost, the Chelsea team should keep in mind that the Barcelona Femenino played better football, and there is no way to deny that. Instead, they should look at their achievements. 
  • Last year, Chelsea was unable to qualify for the Champions League, but this year, they reached the finals. So, if they keep the same momentum going, they might even see themselves lifting the trophy by this time next year.

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