Celebrities and Their Pets

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A celebrity’s life can be a lonely one with many posing as friends while all they seek is your endorsement to meet personal interests. No wonder then that celebrities look for a true friend in their pets. The biggest of stars have had their hearts melt at the sight of adorable pets. There are innumerable celebrities who have found the friend they have long craved for in their pets. 

Many stars have had to change their partners or have been through unpleasant divorces, but one friend has stood by them steadfastly- their pets. We share with you some famous celebrity-pet bonds that have made us all mushy. 

Lewis Hamilton

If you don’t see Hamilton pushing the limits on the Formula 1 race tracks, you’re sure to spot him with his bulldog, Roscoe. The dog became a part of Roscoe’s family in 2013 and has been inseparable since then; and is often traveling with Hamilton. The Hamilton’s recently welcomed another bulldog into their family, whom they named Coco. Roscoe and Coco have a solid social media presence with as many as 300k followers. Hamilton keeps sharing updates about Roscoe and Coco on their behalf, including details of their vegetarian diet. 

John Travolta

The Travolta family has only recently welcomed a feline friend into their family. The Pulp Fiction star was delighted to share an update on March 13 that his son, Ben, had got a new cat whom they had named Crystal. The actor shared an adorable photo of Ben sitting alongside him and happily cuddling his new friend. The snap was captioned, “Ben’s new cat, Crystal.” Ben appears all smiles in the snap, which shows how happy he is with the new addition to his family. 

Kirsten Bell

Isn’t this marvelous? The Bell family warmly welcomed a three-legged dog they fondly named Whiskey. Whiskey sadly lost a log after meeting with an accident with a truck, but after becoming a part of the Bell family, it has been a happiness-filled journey. Kirsten is a doting mother to Whiskey and his dog brother Frank often sharing quality time with them in happy snuggles. The new member is much loved by Kirsten’s daughters, Delta and Lincoln, while Whiskey’s dad, Dax Shepard “lovingly tolerates him,” says Kirsten while mentioning her husband. 

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen rescued a cute brown poodle in September 2019, and she was very excited to share the happy news with her audience on one of the episodes of her talk show. Ellen rescued the puppy from a rescue place, Wagmor, and gave her a great name- Mrs. Wallis Browning. The dog with lovely expressive and limpid eyes is irresistibly adorable. Ellen is just delighted to have Wallis as a new member of her family. 


Our pets are our best friends and have always given us love and affection. They have been loyal friends we have often fallen back on when the chips have been down. Life can be pretty lonely after you achieve fame. It’s hard to know who is a true friend and who isn’t. Celebrities, therefore, find joy and solace in the company of their pets. The bond they share is deep and strong. 

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