‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Gets Auctioned

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Anyone on the internet should have come across the adorable ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ video. The video is a prized possession of the internet and dates back to 2007 during the early days of YouTube. The video brings a feeling of nostalgia for people who transitioned into the internet era and puts into perspective how far we’ve come in so little time.

Now, the video creators or owners of the video, the Davies-Carr family, have finally decided to auction off the fantastic video and plan to delete the video from the YouTube page once it is successfully sold to the highest bidder. The video is a piece of internet history, and the auction had attracted many potential buyers interested in the said video.

The video shows two brothers Harry and Charlie, casually sitting together and talking to each other. Harry, the older one, is making a simple conversation with his baby brother Charlie before letting Charlie bite his finger. Charlie naughtily bites his brother hard enough to make him tear up, as Harry screams, ‘Ouch, Charlie,’ “that really hurt.’ After all the commotion is over, both brothers start laughing together, making this home video a beautiful piece of internet history.

Previously, other digital artifacts have also been auctioned away, and the trend towards auctioning digital products is increasing. The auctions are fetching high amounts, much to the happiness of the owners of these digital assets.

In recent news, Jack Dorsey, the creator of popular social media giant – Twitter, auctioned off his first tweet on the platform for around three million US dollars. The auction was a success, and the tweet was finally sold to a Malaysian businessman for the said amount.

Popular meme ‘Disaster Girl’ was also bought by a popular music company for a whopping 500,000 US dollars very recently. The Disaster Girl meme is where a girl is posing, smiling in front of a burning building. The meme was viral on the internet, and it was no surprise that it fetched such a high price on the auction.

Coming back to the ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video, the video received bids from eleven aspiring bidders, and the bidding war got intense. However, in the end, 3fmusic won the auction. It became owners of the historical video for a mammoth 761,000 US dollars, ensuring that the auction was a huge success and beneficial for the Davies-Carr family.

Even though the family will delete the video following the auction, or perhaps already have, the video has been reposted so many times on the internet from different channels that you’ll always be able to go online and watch the video if you want to.

The video will forever resonate with the internet community and bring joy to the 883 million viewers. The internet will remain grateful to the family for sharing the priceless moment on the early web, and we wish them all the best for the future.

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