Healthy Oils to Add to Your Dog’s Diet

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If you are a pet owner, you need to show a great sense of responsibility towards your furry friend. It would help if you were willing to treat your dog as a member of the family and try to make sure they are always in peak health condition. Dogs have a very different lifestyle when compared to humans, and that is why you must keep an eye on their diet. Your dog’s diet should include all the necessary nutrients so make sure that you buy only the best quality food. You can also add oils to your dog’s diet and here we will talk about some of the best oils you can use.

Olive Oil
The first oil that you need to know about is olive oil, it is beneficial for dogs when they have an active lifestyle and want to gain weight. It can also prove to be useful when you want your dog to retain weight instead of losing it. However, olive oil can also be high in calories which is why you should monitor how much you give your dog.

Flaxseed Oil
Next on the list we have flaxseed oil, if you want your dog to have a healthy heart, this is the oil you need. Just like fish oil, flaxseed oil is also packed with a lot of omega 3. Like most other oils, flaxseed oil can assist your dog with healthier joints and also reduce the risk of arthritis. Flaxseed oil can also regulate the blood pressure and promote better kidney function.

Krill Oil
Fish oil is normally derived from fish species that are higher up on the food chain, the problem with this fish oil is that it often contains traces of mercury which over time can take a toll on the body. A better alternative is to buy krill oil which is made from small fish and crustaceans. These species don’t contain as much mercury but contain a lot of EPA and DHA, which can help dogs with their skin condition and make for healthier joints.

Coconut Oil
The next kind of oil that you can bring under consideration is coconut oil. For humans, coconut oil is good for the health as it contains very little saturated fats. Your dog can also benefit from coconut oil because too much saturated fats are bad for your dogs too. High quality coconut oil can help dogs lose weight and can even make them feel a lot more energetic. An added bonus of coconut oil is that it can drastically improve your dog’s breath.

Fish Oil
Fish oil is an amazing source of some of the most important nutrients out there. It contains a good amount of omega three fatty acids, which can benefit both humans and dogs. Fish oil contains DHA and EPA, both known to help with arthritis and have some anti-cancer properties. Aside from that, fish oil also possesses amazing anti-inflammatory effects and can also help with pain management. It can be particular helpful for older dogs.

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