How to Build Brand Awareness for your Business

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Marketers across industries are aware of the importance of brand awareness, which is why it is their primary goal. You must create a robust brand awareness strategy to prevent losing space to your competitors. A well-thought-out brand awareness campaign may well make your business an established name in its field.

A casual approach to brand awareness stops you from expanding your customer base preventing your business from growing. Without putting enough effort into creating brand awareness, you can never hope to rise to prominence in the market. This brings us to the question, how do you create brand awareness? Read on as we share handy tips with you about brand awareness.

Try Using Referral Programs

Several market studies have revealed that when it comes to brand awareness, consumers rely on good words from family and friends. This only underlines the importance of referral programs. Dropbox was early to realize this trend, which has made it an industry giant. They were aware that their existing customer base was the key to building stronger brand awareness.

Once this realization had dawned upon them, Dropbox launched a refer-a-friend campaign in 2008. It brought about phenomenal growth in their customer base—a whopping 3900% growth! However, it would be naïve to credit this entirely to the referral program. Dropbox improved its product offerings and backed it up with superb customer service. However, the referral program did help as it managed to grab eyeballs making more people aware of Dropbox, the brand.

Engage on Social Media

You won’t notice any significant growth in your brand awareness with mere social media presence. Even posting regularly doesn’t bring you that. However, we all know that social media is crucial to creating brand awareness. You only have to use it the way it should be—the social way. You’ll have to move out of your pages now and then to interact with the content being posted by your followers or partners.

This ensures that the name of your brand keeps appearing on the timeline of those who are keen to know about your brand. This helps you grab attention, which makes people aware of the presence of your brand. You make even more of a mark if your appearances are frequent and if they carry relevant information.

Make Brand Ambassadors out of Your Employees

Here’s a secret to creating effective brand awareness. No matter how much you promote your business on various platforms, there’s every chance that people take what you say with a pinch of salt. Why’s that? It’s because the good words about your brand are coming from the business owner. You are creating the impression that you are trying to sell your stuff. There’s only a limited chance of people engaging with the content, leave alone sharing it.

Promote your business with content from real people. Your employees are these real people—your partners in helping raise awareness of your brand. Your employees can be a real asset when you train them wisely to use platforms like LinkedIn. When your employees, real people share important information about your brand, it carries more credibility. Weave your brand into the content subtly to create effective brand awareness.

Target the Right Audience with Paid Ads

Targeting the right audience with paid ads is becoming increasingly easy, be it on social media platforms or search engines. To raise brand awareness, try aiming specifically at people who haven’t yet interacted with your brand but are interested in the products you offer or the market you are a part of. You should tap into this market with messages that are creative and informative—a sure-fire way of increasing brand awareness.


It’s a highly competitive market out there. Creating brand awareness can decide whether you succeed or end up as a failure. Using referral programs gives your brand more prominence. Engaging with your audience creates a lasting impression. Your employees can be very effective tools in creating brand awareness when they share carefully crafted content on social media. Target your audience with paid ads to interact with them so they get to know about your brand. A prominent brand name translates into more customers. Take care to create brand awareness—it pays.

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