How to Maintain Your Cats Hygiene

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Cats are generally pretty clean animals, and they mostly use their tongues and paws to keep themselves fresh. So, they do not like it when a human tries to intervene and clean the cat themselves. One important thing that you need to know about a cat is that they don’t like water, and that is why they resist taking a bath. However, a cat can become quite smelly and sticky, it can even pick up some parasites, so giving them a bath is imperative. Here you will find some tips that can help you give your cat a bath it deserves.

Get Traction
If you are going to give your cat a bath, one of the first things you need to do is line the bathtub with a rubber surface or a cloth to give your cat something to stand on. If the tub is slippery, your cat will move around a lot and not be very comfortable. Once you place the mat in the tub, add a couple of inches of warm water to the tub. Then put the cat in the tub and have someone there to hold the cat to avoid scratches.

Try the Pour-Over Method
Cats don’t like to go underwater, and that is why filling the tub with water is not a good strategy because your cat will refuse to go in. A better approach that you can try is the pour-over method and it is exactly as it sounds like. What you will do is place your cat in the tub and then slowly wash the cat using a cup or spray bottle. In this way your cat will not be agitated.

Use a Cat Shampoo
Using the right product is key, so don’t just use the shampoo that you have lying around the house. Shampoo that has been designed for humans can irritate your cat’s delicate skin, and it can even hurt it if your cat licks it. Instead, you should buy shampoo that has been designed for cats specifically. While applying the shampoo, start from the cat’s neck and then move towards the tail. It is best to avoid their ears, eyes and face.

Rinse Properly
Once you are done shampooing the cat, make sure that you rinse well. Fully lather up your cat and start rinsing with lukewarm water. Make sure that you don’t rush this step, instead take your time and make sure that all the shampoo is gone. You need to be very mindful because anything left on the cat will be ingested when the cat is cleaning itself, it can also irritate the skin.

Time it Right
Cats don’t like to be in water, and that is why you should avoid trying to give them a shower when they are full of energy because they will try to resist even more. You need to time the bath properly, the best time is when the cat is tired because then it will not have enough energy to resist.

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