Lewis Hamilton Takes the Lead Yet Again

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The world of Formula 1 is very different from any other sport in the world. Racing is different from other sports because it does not focus on its physical skills and endurance. Instead, it is all about technique, mental strength, and knowing the situation. 

Michael Schumacher once dominated the race tracks, but that was over 15 years ago. There is a new king on the tracks, and it is none other than Lewis Hamilton. This is the first time since 2018 that Hamilton and Mercedes have been challenged to their limits. Back then, Ferrari was the fastest car on the race track, but that didn’t stop Hamilton.

  • In 2015, Hamilton made headlines when he won three races and landed second place in another, all in the first four races of the season. Those circumstances were thought to be impossible to replicate, but it looks like Hamilton is about to break his record.
  • This does not mean that it will be easy for Mercedes and Hamilton because Red Bull has also been at its a-game this season, and if either loses focus for a moment, they might not see another win.
  • The way Hamilton won in Spain is an advocate of what this man is capable of. Not to mention the victories also brought him closer to his 100th victory. Winning 100 races is no easy task, and only the best can achieve it.
  • If you watched the race, you would know how Hamilton fought back. He lost the lead at the beginning of the race. He challenged himself to his limits and found a way to take the lead once again and leave Verstappen and Red Bull in the rear mirror.
  • Hamilton recognized the talent and skill of his opponent and said that Red Bull has a great chance of winning the championship as they have a great car. He stated that nothing could stand in his way if he brought his A-game.
  • When Verstappen took the lead at the beginning of the race, Hamilton was right on the trail, but at the moment, it seemed as if Hamilton would not be able to move ahead. The track that they were racing on is famous for being difficult when it comes to overtaking. According to predictions, teams would also only be able to make one pit stop, which does not make things any easier.
  • However, the Mercedes team went against the predictions and opted for experience. The track would put a lot of stress on the tires, and teams would have to make another pit stop. So, they planned according to the situation and kept two sets of medium tires. By comparison, Red Bull only had one set, and this decision would come to haunt Verstappen and Red Bull. In the end, this decision helped Hamilton win the race.

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