Moving To A New Home With Your Cats

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Moving your home is not a particularly enjoyable experience, sure there is some excitement about moving to a new home, but mostly it is all about stress management. It is something that we as humans find stressful, but if you own cats you need to understand that moving is also stressful for cats.

The thing about cats is that they are creatures who truly dislike having to disrupt their routine, so when it comes to moving, cats are not at all comfortable. Luckily, there are some steps that you take to make the entire process a little bit less taxing. So, without wasting any more time, let’s talk about the things you need to do when moving with a cat.

Start Early
You should make it clear to the cat that you are moving so that it does not cause any problems when the day finally comes. One way to do this is to put the moving boxes around the house even though you are not packing. In this way, the cat will become comfortable around boxes and will play it, with this technique the cat will not be spooked out by all the boxes. When you are packing your cat’s belongings keep an eye on its behavior because cats can easily become agitated. So, it will be better to put your cat somewhere quiet for the time being.

Consider Anti-Anxiety Products
If you think that your cat will become anxious during the moving day, you should talk to a vet so that they can prescribe anti-anxiety products or medication for your cat. Using this method will really make things a lot simpler for you because your cat will no longer feel stressed and will cooperate the whole way. Just make sure that you don’t keep giving these medications to your cat for no reason.

Train Your Cat to Use the Carrier
One of the most important things that you need to do is make sure that you train your cat to use carriers. Even if you are not planning to move any time soon, you should still train your cat to the carrier because it is a far easier way of transporting your cat over long distances. You can make the cat comfortable with the carrier simply by leaving it in a place the cat spends most of its time. Once your cat is used to the carrier, you can just pop your cat in it when it’s time to move and that’s it. It is better that you buy a top loading carrier because it is easier to operate both for you and your cat.

Specialized Carriers
If you are going to get a carrier, buy something that are multi-functional. There are some carriers that have only one function and that is to carry the cat, however, there are others that can also act as a bed for your cat. This kind of a carrier can be very useful when you are moving as it gives your cat a comfortable place to sleep.

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