Should Children Get Vaccinated for Covid-19

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Vaccinating children is relatively common worldwide as parents want to protect their children from diseases such as rotavirus, meningitis, diphtheria, polio, mumps, or measles. So, the question is, should kids be vaccinated against COVID. People might have different views on this matter, but considering the amount of data we have on COVID vaccines, no signs suggest that kids shouldn’t be vaccinated. The United States has already vaccinated around 600,000 children between the ages of 12 and 15. They look to vaccinate even more children in the coming days.

Other countries have also started to vaccinate children as it will allow them to bring their lives back to normalcy. Once children have been vaccinated, it will much safer to open schools so that education can continue. On the other hand, the UK started vaccinating adults, but they are still undecided over the matter of vaccinated adolescents. 

There are various arguments that people give when it comes to vaccinating children. The first is whether vaccinating kids will save lives or not since those extra doses can be administered to health workers and even elders who are at a higher risk of contracting COVID.

The other argument is that children are already significantly less likely to catch COVID. Even if they do, there is very little chance that it will cause any significant damage. Therefore, there would be little to no benefit in vaccinating children. 

It is excellent news that children are less likely to get seriously affected by the virus. Even studies suggest that fewer than two out of a million children died due to the pandemic. In the UK, only children who have severe disabilities are being vaccinated for the virus. The vaccines are safe, but it is essential to measure the risk and benefit of administering the vaccine to a group of people.

The other reason to avoid giving children the vaccine is that there are countries in the world that have been hit badly with COVID, and they are trying very hard to procure vaccines for their citizens. They have not even been able to vaccinate the adults in large numbers. So, with that in mind, maybe it would be better to give the vaccines to the people who need them more rather than giving them to children.

The COVID vaccine is incredibly effective, and even a single dose can reduce the chance of catching the virus by half. However, there is insufficient evidence that suggests that children are spreading the virus.

It is a subject that is up for debate, and world powers need to talk about it as there is no correct answer. 

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