Should Harry Kane Leave or Stay at Tottenham

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There is a lot of speculation around the future of Harry Kane as there are several reports that suggest that the England striker wants to leave Tottenham. The speculations started when Kane stated that he wished to win big trophies and could not do that with Tottenham. This statement came when Spurs lost the Carabao Cup final in April. Sources have revealed that Kane has not turned in an official transfer request, but he thinks that he has a gentleman’s agreement that should allow him to leave the club this summer.

It is important to note that Tottenham hasn’t won a trophy in 13 years and when your club has had such a bad run for so long, it is difficult to expect the players to show loyalty to the club. If you look at football as a whole, it is a team game, but that doesn’t mean that players don’t want to win individual trophies.

Now, the question that a lot of fans have in their minds is whether this is a hasty decision or not. There have been many instances where players have left a particular club but have been unable to win a trophy. However, these instances are rare, and it would be unwise to place your bets on things that might not even happen.

There has been speculation whether Harry Kane will choose a Premier League club or be willing to leave altogether. Even though we can understand why Harry Kane wants to leave Spurs, there have been players in the past who have become club legends without winning anything.

Prime examples of this are Alan Shearer, Francesco Totti, and Steven Gerrard. Shearer remained at Newcastle for ten years without winning a single trophy. At one point, he was even approached by Manchester United, but he turned that offer down. He later became the leading goal scorer for New Castle and now has a statue outside St. James’ Park.

Totti also had the chance to move to Manchester United, but he chose to stay at Roma and finish his career at the same club. He managed to win a Serie A title with the club, but that is about it.

Steven Gerrard’s story is also pretty similar. At one point, he even showed clear signs that he wanted to move, but in the end, he had a change of heart and wished to finish his career at Liverpool.

There is no shame in not winning trophies if you show solidarity with your club. If Harry Kane does change his mind and chooses to stay at Tottenham, he will gain a lot of respect. However, his choices are different. No one should judge him for that. It all comes down to what kind of football Kane enjoys. Is he in it for fun, or does he want to win some serious titles?

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