Top 4 Destinations to Visit In Bavaria

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Bavaria can blow away the minds of even the most-experienced traveler! It’s the single most reason for thousands of travelers thronging Germany every year. However, people often get confused and can’t make a choice when presented with the option of traveling to other over-romanticized destinations like Paris or London.

When we got down to creating the list of the Top 4 destinations to visit in Bavaria, even our team was in doubt. However, when we explored each of these destinations, Bavaria inspired us to return at the earliest!  

Like the other European destinations, Germany has a lot in store for travelers that will leave behind an indelible imprint on their minds. Here’s a list of the top places to visit in the German state of Bavaria:

Explore Munich

Well, Munich is the capital city and the most crowded of all the German cities. However, don’t let that prevent you from visiting the Munich City Hall. Make the most of your Munich tour by exploring the Town hall and other attractions like the historical sites in the old town and downtown area. Take a cycle ride across the city and soak in the vibrant culture, art, and architecture that Munich has to offer.

Moreover, don’t forget to take a tour of the Outdoor patios of Munich and in case you’re short on time, at least visit Marienplatz. Go to the splendid main square and pay a visit to the Hofbrau house if you want to grab a glass of chilled beer!

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Neuschwanstein Castle

While visiting this tourist attraction, you will realize that fairytale castles can also be real! If you love to explore castles, no place in Germany can be better than Neuschwanstein Castle. For ages, travelers and tourists have fallen in love with this incredibly beautiful castle. The Neuschwanstein Castle is close to Munich, and you can easily reach this place within an hour; however, we would suggest you stay overnight so that you can see the real beauty of the castle at daybreak!


After visiting the Neuschwanstein castle, if you feel like spending some quiet time in a Bavarian village then Hopfensee offers the perfect retreat. This village is nestled in the lap of nature while being closer to the warmest lake in Bavaria. Stroll away your time by taking the boardwalk beside the lake and if you prefer, you can also take a hike near the lake to soak in the awesome views offered by the Bavarian Alps.


You will find several gondolas taking you to the mountains, but none can match what Alpspix offers. You can walk up on any of the two curved walkways that lead to 3000 feet drop. The vantage point offers stunning views of the snow-clad mountains and offers a great view of the Garmisch. You always have the option of buying a ticket to the Garmisch Classic.

If you’re planning on visiting Bavaria, don’t forget to look for discounts on vacation rentals on Vrbo. A well-planned Bavarian tour will leave you mesmerized and you are bound to return every time life gets mundane!  

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