Top Things to Do in Riga Latvia

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Riga isn’t much popular with travelers, but this Latvian city has an unbeatable aura of the Middle Ages that can mesmerize anyone. A good thing about Riga is that the city does not witness a huge crowd even during the peak seasons. Thus, if you’re someone who loves to roam around a city that offers everything from great food to incredible architecture, Riga is just down your alley. Here’re the top things to do while visiting Riva:

Enjoy the city’s view from St Peter’s Church

Riga boasts of several churches and cathedrals, but none can beat the view you get of the city from the St. Peter’s spire. You can climb up the stairs or take the lift to the top and enjoy the view of the city with other travelers. Bask in the company of fellow travelers while admiring the beauty of the old streets and red roofs of this old city. You also get a grand view of the Daugava River that divides the right and left banks of the city. You must visit the church on a sunny day – believe me, you would remember this for the rest of your life. 

Immerse yourself into Latvian history

From 1941 until early 1991, Latvia was under Russian occupation, and you can easily learn more about this historical period by visiting the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. The country was briefly occupied by Nazi Germans as well and you can find out more about this period as well. The museum acts as a memorial for the Holocaust victims as well as the Russian oppression. You can get a glimpse of this era by visiting the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum. Latvians have suffered a lot under different occupiers, and you can a tribute to all the victims and martyrs by learning more about this history. Check out Vrbo for some attractive discounts.

Visiting the Art Nouveau District 

The Art Nouveau district is located to the North of Riga, and you can walk around the town enjoying the colorful yet classy architecture and sculptures. Most of the buildings bear the Classical influence and if you’re an art aficionado, taking a long stroll across the district can be an enriching experience. Walk around Albert Street and admire the amazing buildings that cover a major part of the street. You can also find the Art Nouveau Museum and find the incredible staircases that have left visitors mesmerized for decades. 

Get the Riga Black Balsam to Celebrate your Visit

Riga is popular for its amazing collection of liqueurs that are made by mixing a variety of herbs in Vodka. Riga Black Balsam has a medicinal taste, but it will surely appeal to your senses once you’re done with a second serving. This legendary drink is believed to have a very positive effect on the body and mind. Thus, it would be a great shame if you leave this amazing city without getting yourself a bottle of Riga Black Balsam. Most of the restaurants, pubs, bars, and shops store this liqueur, so don’t forget to tuck in a bottle before saying your goodbyes. Get quick bookings on Vrbo to make the most of your vacation.

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