2021 Furniture Trends

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As we enter an era of working from home, more people realize the importance of having a practical and aesthetically pleasing space. The early 2010’s minimalist black and white look feels too sterile, but clutter is not conducive to work. Today’s furniture trends feature yellow and gray Pantone colors of 2021- which are simultaneously nostalgic yet modern. Here are some ideas to furnish your living space stylishly:

  • Furniture that does double duty: Not everyone can afford to live in spacious quarters. A classic ottoman that opens to provide storage space or stairs that double up as shelves may become essentials in tiny homes. These provide some much-needed space to cramped city apartments and still look chic. 
  • Simple walls: The early 2010s were all about the accent wall in bright colors. We also saw an onslaught of busy wallpaper patterns and shiplap, oh, all the shiplap! Unfortunately, they look dated very soon. The walls are going back to the basics, and plain walls in ivory and light yellows are trending again, proving that the classics are a true timeless option. Bright colors are best in small doses, such as a sharp picture or a cheerful throw pillow.
  • Cottagecore and Grandmillenial: As the reality of a pandemic weighed us down, we dreamed of escaping to countryside cottages and flower fields. This nostalgic option borrows from memories of being with our grandmother – needlepoint adorned cushions, solid wood rustic tables, ceramic vases with fresh flowers. We might still have to sign into a zoom call, but we can pretend to be back at gran’s place as soon as we’re done. Vintage and thrift furniture works great!
  • Indoor plants: Plants can instantly make space feel more ‘alive. A plethora of fabled plants to survive anything ( ZZ plants and snake plants are considered practically impossible to kill) and are considered suitable for beginners. More people are also showing an inclination towards growing their own food – a windowsill full of herbs is also a beautiful addition to a room. 
  • Rattan and Cane: If you do not want to invest in heavy solid wood furniture, rattan, bamboo, and can provide beautiful, lightweight alternatives. These also play into the cottagelike and vintage trends. Look for soft, rounded designs in classic neutral tones, and you can set up a living room at a fraction of the cost of wood or metal.

Trends come and go, but as we spend more time indoors, the most crucial design decision ultimately is to find something that suits your lifestyle. If something suits your needs and looks beautiful to your eye, that’s the trend for you!

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