Couch Trends for Comfort

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A sofa is the centerpiece of most living rooms, a household essential that has taken many avatars through the ages. It can make the space comfy and inviting or imposing and regal. It is very much what sets the tone of the décor around it. Large, squishy couches had their moment, but they are bad for the back in the long run. Besides, who has that sort of space anymore? Now that some of us are finally allowed to entertain friends in closed areas again, here some couch ideas are both comfortable and easy on the eye.

  • Modular sofas: it is nice to have a furniture piece that gives you options. These sofas are like Lego blocks – you can mix them around and create new shapes. This is especially useful if you have guests over often and need a sofa to double duty as a bed once in a while. Excellent for changing needs and for the easily bored.
  • High tech: integrated massagers and heating cushions have already become mainstream. Adding a little bit of tech can potentially elevate the lounging area to a place to heal and rejuvenate. Some of them even have USB charging ports so that you do not have to fetch your charger mid-game!
  • Neutrals with a splash of color: too much color can fatigue the eyes, but an all-neutral palette has no personality at all. Get the best of both by getting a couch in a neutral tone that matches the rest of your furniture (say, a warm brown tone if the furniture around is in mahogany) but add pops of color with a few cushions. 
  • Raw and natural materials: Unbleached cotton, jute, and bamboo fabrics and wood in natural hues are making a huge comeback and for a good reason, too. Natural fibers are easier to clean and very breathable. These materials are also soothing visually and can provide your space a more organic, boho feel.
  • Memory foam and gel-infused cushions: why should memory foam stay confined to the bed? Couch cushions are now made with the same memory foam and provide the same support and comfort. Little gel-infused pads can also help you keep calm if you find yourself overheating on thick cushions.
  • New Age Velvet: if boho and natural is not your vibe and you need a throne, velvet is the way to go. The classic fabric always feels lush, and it now comes in versions that can be cleaned simply by wiping the stains with water.

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