Décor Trends That Did Not Stand The Test of Time.

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Everyone wants their home to be unique and special. When people buy a new home, they want it to reflect their aesthetic and have that je ne sais quoi that makes it different from everyone else. However, everyone is susceptible to the trends that they see around them. Some décor pieces that seem like a good idea now look super dated within a year or two. Unfortunately, many trends from the past decade fell into this category and are crying out for a do-over. Here are the things that people are removing from their homes in 2021:

  • Lightboxes and wall art with cheesy inspirational quotes: self-help gurus convinced us to put ‘live laugh love’ on our walls. Unfortunately, these got old fast and now look basic and dated. They had their moment; now, classic art – framed reprints of your favorite artist- may be the way to go.
  • Shag carpets: this material is just not practical at all. It is hellish to clean, and there are no easy options for sanitizing them. We got lost in soft feeling underfoot, only to realize that this fabric holds on to every smell ever.
  • Clear Lucite chairs: they look and feel precisely like plastic because well…. Lucite is a type of plastic. No back support and just bad for the posture. 
  • Millennial Pink: the color that was supposed to define an entire generation is too soft and looks sad, and does not last very long. It is also hard to match with other colors and often takes over the whole room that it is introduced to. Even the generation it was named after has discarded it as a fad. 
  • Edison bulbs: the yellow, warm light from an old-fashioned bulb was supposed to make space look warmer and more inviting. Unfortunately, these bulbs went out of fashion for a reason- they are incredibly inefficient and cause electricity bills to skyrocket. We’ll switch to yellow-toned LEDs, thanks. 
  • Faux finishes: were we ever fooling anyone with our wood finish tiles? Fake sprayed-rose gold accents, contact paper with marble finishes- they work only from afar. Ten minutes of a person having a close look, and everything looks cheap. 
  • Pouf and bean bags as floor seating: how does one get out of them? These will give you a backache. Also, your home is not a dormitory. 
  • Organizing books by color: okay, this one is not a décor item; it is more of a décor choice. While it may give you one great Instagram post, it will confuse anyone who wants to find a book. Sort by genre and make your neighborhood librarians proud. 
  • Mason jar mania: do we want to put little fairy lights inside jars? Do we have to make candles with them? While they are super helpful in the kitchen, we must grudgingly admit that they are kind of ugly as a décor piece.

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