5 Most Romantic Places Around the Globe

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Valentine’s day is knocking on the doors, and love is in the air! Celebrating this festival of togetherness remains incomplete without traveling with someone you’re head over heels about. Granted, happy couples will see any corner of the globe through rose-colored glasses; however, a few destinations lend them to romance.

This post aims to help you with an exclusive list of the 5 most romantic places in the world that you can visit with your partner and – ahem – happily put that “do not disturb sign” for enjoying those special moments together. Be it an anniversary, jetting off for your honeymoon, or seeking a gateway built for lovebirds, these destinations cater to all the needs of romance. Enjoy reading!

1. Santorini, Greece – The islands of love

When it comes to listing the most popular romantic destinations on the planet, the beautiful Greek Islands of Santorini deserve mention. Agreed, traveling to Santorini requires a prolonged flight ride and a puddle jumper journey, but it’s worth it. Beautiful blue dome houses sparkle with the legacy of white, making them a treat to behold. Besides, the picturesque Aegean sea beckons newlyweds in the distance.

Apart from holding the extraordinary ability to fill your mind with tranquility, this watery heaven allows you to enjoy a captivatingly orange, gold, and pink sunset. Santorini is the home to several beautiful boutiques, restaurants, and resorts. Here, couples can get a fair chance to book a one-of-a-kind private escape for themselves.

You can explore Santorini by hiring a scooter, and needless to say, it’s going to be a lifetime experience winding your way along the scenic roadways.

2. Venice – The heaven in Italy

Do you remember the old saying – “when you visit Venice, you can either love the city or hate it.” Talking about the real reviews of people who have visited Venice at least once in life, they say when you step into Venice, you start feeling butterflies. The city of water has everything that can snatch your heart away.

Even if you are an adept traveler, it’s a sure thing that Venice will present a whole new experience to you. The Gondola rides through those unique canals will leave you overwhelmed. Don’t forget to nibble your way through St. Mark’s square, Murano Island, and Rialto bridge to leave your partner overwhelmed with joy.

3. The Berkshire – Honeymooners Paradise

When it comes to your taste of the sense of navigating life together, you will look for a romantic destination like Berkshire. Located in New England, the USA, the place offers beautiful views of Western Massachusetts, where leaves host their dazzling views of vibrant color shows.

There are a lot of bed and breakfast homestays in Berkshire where you can enjoy a mind-blowing yet cost-effective stay. The nights in Berkshire are amazingly alluring as they offer you the memorable experience of canoodling by the fire.

4. Bali – Indonesia

From sightseeing to rainforests with a monkey on your back to funny elephant experiences – Bali has simply everything to award you a romantic and adventurous trip. The emerald green rice field, mossy jungles, and white sandy beaches will always compel you to remember Bali forever.

5. Krabi Island

Have you ever witnessed the beauty of an unbelievable shade of blue water? If not, consider visiting Krabi one. Situated on the west coast of Thailand, Krabi is known for its limestone formation, mangroves, and boulders that are not only beautiful but also awe-inspiring.

Spice up the essence of romance by booking a long tail boat that takes you to Railay beach, where you can see wonderful creatures of the undersea life. If you are a bit relaxed with your budget, stay at a 5-star resort where you can enjoy sensual private time together.

Hope this post helps you find out the most romantic destination that you can enjoy visiting with the love of your life. Wait no more, plan your trip and spend this Valentine’s day getting lost in the waves of love.

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