5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid While Visiting Paris

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Are you traveling to Paris for the first time? Like any place, Paris also has its set of rules. Cultures, languages, food, and fashion, all have their course. Gaining insight in advance is always better than struggling within a new setting. Here are the 5 mistakes you can avoid when visiting the land for the first time!

1. Book your Hotel

Tourists often stress booking a room overlooking the Eiffel Tower. This could be the first blunder, piling up your bills on the trip to the city. The neighborhoods next to a tourist spot might provide the best views. However, these are the places that can burn a hole in your pockets.

Instead, look for more pocket-friendly accommodations within a safe and less touristy neighborhood that would allow you to add more adventures to your bucket list. The city is well connected through metros, and you can access the whole place almost on foot, given its beautiful views.

2. Bonjour

Language is always the key to a heart. While the locals are completely fine with giving directions to you in English, it is no harm to keep a few key phrases handy. For instance, greeting someone with a bonjour instead of good morning in Paris might just help you with your shopping spree.     

3. Fashion Paradise

Coming out of your hotel in tank tops and shorts might not allow you to blend in with the locals. Paris, posing at the center of global fashion, stands tall with its sophisticated taste in dressing. However, you are not expected to pack dresses more fitting to the ramps. A subtle choice in colors and tasteful wear is all you need.

4. Food Parades

The capital is the home to the most mouth-watering and tantalizing aromas, with its endless range of cuisines and varieties in cheese! Starting your day with a cup of coffee and a croissant in a cafe by the street will surely add to your mood.

However, before heading to a restaurant, booking a table in advance would be wise. Parisians take pride in their creations over increasing their business by entertaining incalculable guests.     

Paris understands the value of good food and company. While dining, you are in no rush to leave the table on your last bite. Take your time to savor the dish and the hearty cheers with your pal. It is only upon asking that you receive the bill.

Although, remember that your bill is already charging an extra 10 or 15 percent as a tip. Hence, it is not important to tip your waiter extra unless you wish to, for an excellent service.     

5. Walk it out

Paris is known as the city of beauty. However, over-stuffing your list with activities and sightseeing might not give you the real taste. Instead, unburden your mind by spending a day in Luxembourg Garden. Take a leisurely walk down the ancient alleys amidst the Latin Quarter, or maybe an evening by the Seine; The perfect end to a perfect day. 

Paris, also known as the city of love, has always enchanted the world with its charming sights, cheesy finger-licking dishes, and lovely people. A trip to this land is an experience to be cherished for life. Why wait? Pack your bags and say “tiens” to Paris!           

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