The Best Natural Wonders You Should Visit

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Every avid traveler dreams of visiting The Seven Wonders of the World, at least once during his or her lifetime. These manmade wonders fill our hearts with awe and inspiration. However, Mother Nature has bestowed places upon us that offer the most stunning vistas to us. Isn’t it an absolute joy taking in the beauty of enchanting scenery? Admiring the flowing waters of a cascading waterfall or majestic snow-capped mountains is a truly fulfilling experience.

The world has plenty of natural wonders offering mesmerizing sceneries. From the dizzying heights of mountain ranges to the lush greenery of rainforests, Mother Nature has places with amazing variety beckoning you. We have picked the best natural wonders from around the world with breathtaking beauty. You are sure to feel like packing your bags and visiting them as you read on.

Pulpit Rock, Norway

You wouldn’t want to be here if you suffer from vertigo. The views of Lysefjord down below from a height of 604 meters above a flat plateau are just exotic. We advise you to stay at a safe distance from the edge while enjoying the enchanting scenery with the 984-meter tall Kjegar peak in the backdrop. It’s located in Preikestolen, south of Jorpeland. You’ll have to hike for 90 minutes from the car park to reach the viewpoint.

Amazon Rainforest, Latin America

Brazil is more than just exotic beaches and sunbathing women. This amazing land is also home to the vast Amazon Rainforest that spreads across as many as nine countries. It’s a lush green rainforest, home to exotic wildlife and tribes isolated from civilization. The Amazon River is the widest in Brazil, often stretching through several kilometers. Here the land is dry which has made the trees even taller than they are in the rest of the forest.

Victoria Falls, the Border of Zambia and Zimbabwe

The roaring waters of the Victoria Falls take your breath away as they drop to a depth twice that of Niagara Falls. What’s more, it’s also two times as wide as Niagara Falls! That makes it the largest waterfall in the world. You’ll hear the roar of the crashing waters from as far away as 24 miles. Not just that, you’ll see the mist rising from the waterfall from a                 distance of more than a jaw-dropping 30 miles away.

The Himalayas, India

You are sure to find the origin of the word ‘Himalayas’ very interesting. It comes from the Sanskrit for ‘Adobe of Snow’ or Himalaya. The Himalayas are the longest mountain range of the world and some of the world’s tallest peaks are a part of the Himalayas. Yes, the tallest mountain, Mount Everest is a part of the Himalayas itself. The Himalayas are truly an exotic destination with the mountains rising to the clouds offering breathtaking scenery. You get to experience some of the world’s highest road passes and train journeys right here. Add to that the charming people and it’s truly an unforgettable trip.


Mother Nature has bestowed amazingly beautiful places upon us. Visit these exotic destinations and soak in the greenery and stunning views. These scenic places have a charming effect on the visitor’s mind, body, and soul. The mountains, the forests, and the waterfalls welcome you with vistas that will leave indelible imprint on your soul.  

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