Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations post COVID-19

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The term “honeymoon” dates back to the mid 16th century; however, since historical time, a myriad of cultures have had something similar. Well-known sociologists, psychologists, and relationship specialists agree on the fact that honeymoon plays the role of a significant contributor to a fulfilling and blissful marriage.

However, the pandemic had almost brought an end to travel, and a lot of couples couldn’t celebrate their special moments of togetherness due to the COVID-19 related restrictions. Thankfully, the world is recovering now, and we’re gradually bringing back things to normal!

While the significance of a honeymoon can’t be overruled, choosing the right place for lovebirds may look like a puzzling task. To help you solve this riddle and narrow down your search, we’ve come up with today’s write-up – it talks about the top 10 honeymoon destinations that you consider visiting post-covid-19. Good reading!

1. Bora Bora

The overwhelming natural beauty of Bora Bora’s icebergs and volcanoes is just the tip of the trip! The real beauty lies in its gorgeous beaches and lagoons that offer several awesome activities like sunbathing, snorkeling, and sailing. The luxurious spas and romantic overwater bungalows perfectly complement the destination’s charm. Accepted, the rates of hotels on this French Polynesian island are a bit high, but the awesome honeymooning experience it offers is simply worth it!

2. Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is undoubtedly synonymous with a honeymoon. But when you venture off the beaten way and move to Big Island, the said least commercialized and most authentic island, you enable yourself to be introduced to the miniature paradise on the Earth. This amazing honeymoon destination offers exclusive helicopter tours and nighttime snorkeling. Besides, the geological marvels of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park also deserve a visit.

3. Amalfi Coast

Have you always dreamed of spending the most special days in your life in the colorful villages, crystal-clear water, and rugged shorelines? Well, Amalfi Coast is awaiting you! Being home to 100 mesmerizing beaches, this part of Italy has always been on the list of newlyweds. From romantic candlelight dinners to unforgettable walks through the tranquilizing sealine – Amalfi Coast has simply everything to offer you

an evergreen honeymooning experience.

4. Punta Mita, Mexico

An oasis of wellness and indulgence, this 1,500-acre coastal peninsula in the Riviera Nayarit region deserves mention when it comes to naming the best post-pandemic honeymoon destinations. Surf villages, plenty of whale watching opportunities, and tons of biodiversity of Punta Mita will leave you overwhelmed, and a wild and untamed feel of the destination works as a cherry on the top.

5. Paris

The City of Light, Paris, can be better defined as the blend of sophistication and romance. Beautiful ambiance, functional fine dining establishments, and sights like the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre evidence the fact that Paris is made keeping the lovebirds in mind. Visiting this city will surely help you turn your honeymoon into a memorable one.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and…get, set, Go!

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