Top Cultural Events You Must Visit Once in a Lifetime

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A good way to feel one with the people of a place is to visit them when they celebrate cultural events. The joy and gaiety that fill the air are contagious indeed. It’s wonderful to mingle with the people and become a part of their festivities. There’s no better way to bond with locals and get a peek into their culture than to join their celebrations.

The world is an amazing sea of humanity and it’s riveting exploring its cultural diversity. There are various places spread around the world with their unique cultural events—a celebration of life. We bring you a bouquet of some wonderful cultural events from places you must visit once in your lifetime.

Carnivals at Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, and Venice

Carnivals are held at various places around the world, but the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and the Carnevale di Venezia in Italy are truly breathtaking. These festivals are held annually between Friday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The parade in Sambadrome is the main event of the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. It’s a treat watching the lavishly decorated floats and the skillful dancers from the many samba schools. The music is pulsating and you’ll be jiving yourself soon.

New Orleans sees similar celebrations with a parade during Mardi Gras when the streets just come alive with throbbing music and revelers in costumes. The celebrations are long-drawn and they climax with Mardi Gras Day. In Venice, the celebrations are more traditional as people dress up in Victorian costumes and masks.

Holi, India

The incredibly diverse land of India and her friendly and curious people welcome you to the ‘festival of colors,’ Holi with a truly touching warmth. It’s a religious festival celebrating the victory of good over evil—a part of Hindu mythology. The festival is held either in February or March and the streets turn into a celebration of bright colors. You’ll love watching the joy on the faces of the people as they smear each other with colors. They’ll be only too happy if you join them in their celebrations.

Dia de los Muertos, Mexico

This celebration is also known as the Day of the Dead. It’s a solemn commemoration of the departed. Held throughout Mexico, the Dia de los Muertos has spread all across Latin America. The day is marked by people praying for family and friends who have passed away. People pray for peace in their spiritual journey of the departed souls. The commemorations are held on the 1st and 2nd of November when the people decorate skulls with color and marigolds. November 1 is marked as Dia de los Inocentes or the “Day of the Innocents” while November 2 is the Dia de los Muertos or the “Day of the Dead”.


It’s a joy to mingle with the locals when they celebrate their festivals. The happiness in the people spreads to you as well and you find yourself joining them in their celebrations with immense zeal. It’s just wonderful how you get to learn about a place’s heritage and tradition through its cultural events. Being a part of the joy and happiness of people is a truly special blessing.


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