Top Places Around the World For Experiencing Gastronomical Extravaganzas

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You love digging into lip-smacking food, and when there’s the added temptation of traveling the globe to try different cuisines, it’s truly irresistible. Every part of the world we live in has its tradition of treating visitors to a hearty meal—a part of its culture. As a foodie, you find it blissful to enjoy the culinary delights of a place you have visited.

World cuisine offers amazing variety. People in various places around the world have myriad ways of celebrating food. Be it crunchy vegetables or juicy meat, they welcome you with their cuisine. We share with you a few charming places beckoning you with delicious food.

Lyon, France

The French offer the ultimate in dining with sophistication at their classy restaurants. However, Lyon is a different experience altogether. The Bouchon Lyonnais is traditional no-frill restaurants that serve the best delectable French cuisine. You can take your pick from homemade pate, delicious stews, or mouthwatering cheese. Wash down the delicious food with some fine local wine—the icing on the cake of your trip to Lyon.

San Sebastian, Spain

Oozing the charm of a small and homely town, San Sebastian is a dream destination for food lovers. The city is dotted with Michelin Star restaurants. You are sure to love the throbbing pintxos bars here that serve some truly amazing bites. We tell you, they aren’t any less tasty than some of the best meals you have ever had. The town is also home to some 3-star restaurants and a few 1 and 2-starred ones as well serving unforgettable food.

Delhi, India

The incredible land of India is amazingly diverse and no less diverse is its cuisine. So profound has been the influence of Indian cuisine on the world that the British has picked the Indian preparation, Chicken Tikka Masala as their national dish. The city is a hub of Mughlai cuisine and the city serves some of the most succulent kebabs you’ll ever get to savor. Delhi is home to some amazing restaurants that suit travelers of every budget. The food here is an explosion of spices and aroma.

New York City, USA

New York is a cultural melting pot, a city that has had people pouring into it from every corner of the world through the ages. With people from different corners of the world making New York their home, the city offers variety in its cuisine. From snacks like burgers and pizzas to Jewish delis served at high-end restaurants, New York offers it all. Then, there’s a sprinkling of iconic restaurants like Eleven Madison Park, Peter Luger, Tavern on the Green, and more. Bagel and Pastrami are two dishes you must try in New York.


All these amazing places have unique and delectable food to charm visitors. From the spicy fare in Delhi to the subtle and tasty dishes in Lyon, the variety in the cuisine is just mind-boggling. What is common is how the food leaves you pining for more and planning your next trip after the last bite. These are the places to be in to enjoy cuisines beyond the usual ones available in your city or country. Go right ahead and enjoy your food – Bon appetit!

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