England’s NHS App Can Now Be Used as Vaccine Passport

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The England government was one of the first to impose a strict lockdown on its citizens to curb the effects of the virus. But even though they tried their best, the country still had one of the most challenging fights with COVID. The National Health Service or NHS workers worked day and night to tend to patients and give them the best care, and for that, they are highly appreciated. The NHS even made an application for contact tracing. However, this new NHS app is different and offers a variety of new features.

  • For starters, the app can be used as a vaccine passport. However, this will only work for citizens who have received both shots. Users can also use the app to view their medical records, arrange appointments with their doctors, and even request prescriptions.
  • Currently, the app does not show the results of the COVID tests, but it has been revealed that the NHS plans to incorporate this feature in the future. If you are thinking about traveling to another country, the government advises people to get registered on the app at least two weeks before departure.
  • If you want a physical certificate of vaccination, you can request it after five days of being vaccinated. Getting the certificate can take up to five more days. One thing to keep in mind is that very few countries accept this proof of vaccination. Therefore, it is advised to follow the current regulations and take a PCR test before traveling.
  • There are just 12 countries where people in England can travel to without having to wait in quarantine. However, not all of these countries accept UK tourists, Portugal, for example, which only allows people to enter the country for essential purposes.
  • Anyone returning to England needs to take a COVID test upon arrival. The EU, on the other hand, has proposed a Green Digital Certificate. If this plan goes through, anyone who receives the vaccination and this certification will be allowed to travel within the region without quarantine.
  • COVID first made headlines at the end of 2019, but people didn’t take it seriously back then. Unfortunately, this kind of ignorance came at a high cost and loss of precious lives. It is baffling to see that people in some countries are still not taking this virus seriously and breaking protocols and procedures.
  • Many people are spreading misconceptions about the vaccine, but the truth is that there is nothing to worry about. Governments are carrying out various studies to make sure there are no serious side effects of the vaccine. So far, the results have been good, with a few exceptions.
  • If we truly want to see a world where we don’t have to worry about COVID and walk out the door without wearing a mask, we must play our part and get vaccinated.

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