Manchester City’s New Generation, A Glimmer of Hope for Fans

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There was a time when Manchester City wasn’t even considered a noteworthy team in the Premier League. But all of that changed when the club received considerable sums from investments under their new management. 

This allowed the bosses at the club to buy the best players the world had to offer. This changed Manchester City’s fortunes as they could win the league and become one of the top sides in the Premier League. However, now many well-known players have either retired or left the club, which gave the manager Pep Guardiola the opportunity to introduce a whole new squad.

  • Pep Guardiola has won three league titles with Manchester City; however, he was unable to achieve that goal last year, and for that, he had come under a lot of pressure from the fans. After his failure during the last season, Guardiola took the opportunity to introduce young talent to the side, which eventually led the team to a title win.
  • This was Manchester City’s third time as League Champions, and it came when Manchester United lost a game to Leicester. Manchester City currently has three games to spare, but their outcome doesn’t matter as they all already have the title. Last season was particularly difficult for Manchester City as they were in the race for the trophy but lost as Liverpool took over the standings.
  • However, it did not take Manchester City to climb back on top, and that too with a new squad and players that were unknown before this. This shows how good a manager Pep Guardiola is and how his mind works in situations when his team needs him the most.
  • The last four years were particularly difficult for Manchester City as most of their star players like David Silva and Vincent Kompany all left the club. This was also the last season for Sergio Aguero, who has been their lead goal scorer.
  • Most teams don’t cope well when it comes to parting ways with their star players. However, Pep Guardiola knew that he had a choice; he could either forget about winning the title ever again or try something different to keep their hopes alive.
  • Manchester City still has great players like Kevin De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez, but it is safe to say that these players alone cannot bring the trophy home. If it weren’t for the efforts of Joao Cancelo, Phil Foden, and Ruben Dias, City would not have found itself on the top spot.
  • Ruben Dias has been the most valuable out of the three young players as he has filled Vincent Kompany’s shoes perfectly. Kompany was a great defender, and the world knows that replacing one of the best is no easy task.
  • As defense was impenetrable thanks to Dias, Phil Foden didn’t make things easier for the opponents in the mid-field as he completely ruled the area. It was like everyone was playing according to what Phil had in his mind.

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