Showcasing Art at Home

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Many people find the subject of art intimidating. They might find themselves admiring a well-placed painting in someone else’s home, but the thought of creating space for art in their own home seems too daunting to be undertaken. While it is true that most of us cannot afford to have a Rembrandt or a Frida Kahlo painting displayed nonchalantly in the living room (and those who do very likely do want the onlookers to be awed), the best part about art is that it can be whatever you want your personal statement to be.

What is art? A thing of beauty that evokes an emotion. It could be a photograph, a painting, a sculpture or even an old lace-edged handkerchief. You get to decide what goes on your space. It is not difficult to find art these days- MoMA’s website sells prints of the greats, such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Georgia O’Keefe; you will find cute cross stich patterns off Etsy; you can find beautiful antique frames on Ebay. Find if the local artist whose work you admire has art to sell. Mix your influences and have many textures and patterns with one underlying theme for a given room. For example, since the bedroom is a place of relaxation, a gallery wall of various objects d’ art in soothing pastels, or a floral theme would be appropriate. My own kitchen wall is adorned with a print of Warhol’s Campbell Tomato Soup illustration and an old brass sieve that I found in my granduncle’s post-decluttering donate pile.

Now that you have identified the sort of objects that speak to you, find a well-lit niche in your home for them. Decide on its placement – if the pieces need to be hung up on walls, use command hooks or nylon cords to prop them up. These can be easily moved around without ruining the wall behind them, so you have the luxury of changing your mind. If you are framing or mounting the artwork, choose neutral-hued frames that will work even if you change the rugs or furnishings. Mix artworks of different sizes and place them close together to create an ‘art nook’ for a contemporary feel or distribute large art pieces over your home for a more classic approach. Do not try to match everything- it will make the room look dated. Eclectic mixes look fresh and can be easily changed around.

As with everything, start small. Pick one wall or corner that you would like to decorate first. It might take a while to find the art that you truly gravitate towards, and the art you admire will change as you grow as a person. The point of art is not mere decoration, it is to personalize your home and for you to find your own style.

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