Nail Art Ideas for Summer 2021

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Ah, summer! Sunshine, flowers, and hopefully even vacations. Now that masks have become an inseparable part of our outfits, maybe it is time to let the lipstick go and focus on a pretty manicure. Impactful but straightforward styles that can quickly be tried out at home take center stage for 2021. Here are ten styles set to make a splash in the coming months:

  1. Green polish: From pastel mint to deep forest green, pick the hue that works with your skin tone. Matt green hues are trending, and you can almost treat them like the new neutral. Place your designs on top of a muted green tone or wear as is. 
  2. Negative space: Pastels for summer are a no-brainer but let us make them non-boring by creating French tips with pastels shades instead of the traditional white. Or paint tiny moons of pastel colors above your cuticle, leaving the rest of the nail bare. The idea is to have breathing room on the nail to let the color shine even more.
  3. Indie Nails: This trend is significant for the indecisive- choose a different pattern for each nail – one solid, one checkered, one striped, etc. Don’t have the patience to create patterns? Paint each nail in a different color.
  4. Coffin nails: The dramatic nail shape is back in style. It does require some care, but the shape is so bold that you could paint them a natural hue, and they would still stand out.
  5. Black Accents: Elevate a simple manicure by adding black edges or black brushstrokes. Graphic and bold, yet not difficult to achieve.
  6. Logomania: This 80s throwback trend appears in a new avatar- logos on nails. From the iconic Louis Vuitton print to the most recognizable interlocking C’s of Chanel- logos find a place in nail art. Too difficult to paint at home? Try the press-on versions.
  7. Wire Manicures: Incorporate little pieces of wire in gold into your mani. The trend comes courtesy of artist Eun Kyung Park, founder of Unistella Salon. It involves taking pieces of wire and bending them into freeform shapes and securing them onto the nail with nail glue. Extremely dramatic but requires a lot of practice. 
  8. Cow prints: Simple black and white print that goes with everything. 
  9. Mask Matching: A trend that could only have come out of 2020- if you are going to wear a mask, why not make it cute? If you are wearing a pretty mask, why not go a step further and match your nail polish to it?
  10. Nude and neon: Neon is always a bold choice. Mixing neon colors with natural hues make them far more wearable. Simple graphic patterns work best, such as neon-green stripes on a nude base. 

Nail art is a trend that we cannot get enough of. Try these to look fashion-forward in the coming months.

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