Best SciFi Books for Kids and Teens

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Children have active imaginations, and one way to fuel it is through great literature. Science fiction is one of the most creative genres that can propel a young mind to think of possibilities above and beyond what they see. While certain sci-fi books can be too difficult for children to comprehend, many have been loved by children for decades. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. The Foundation Series: Recommended for ages 15+. THE sci-fi series is for teens and adults alike. It introduces beautifully complex themes such as the coexistence of artificial intelligence and human beings in the most engaging way. It is a battle of fate vs. free will; it encourages people to dream of what the future of humanity would look like. The cultural impact is so vast that it would warrant a whole list of its own. Isaac Asimov was a visionary far ahead of his time.
  2. A Wrinkle In Time: Recommended for ages 11+. This has cemented its place in children’s sci-fi history, as it has been loved since its debut in 1962. Madeleine L’Engle’s masterpiece, there are dark forces from another planet, a plucky teenaged protagonist, and a threat to the universe itself. Some people might even remember this from their recommended reading lists from school. It is perfect for getting a young reader started on sci-fi. 
  3. Zita the Spacegirl: Recommended for ages 6-8. If the reader is very young, they might enjoy the quest of Zita, our heroine, as she travels between galaxies and takes on many adversaries to save her friend. However, this may be too simple for older kids.
  4. Contact: Recommended for ages 13+. Carl Sagan’s tome of humans meeting technologically superior aliens. It captures humanity’s struggle to find other life forms in the universe and the perseverance of a young scientist never to give up her quest.
  5. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator: Recommended for ages 8+. This is the sequel to Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The same glass elevator that took them through the chocolate factory lands them in front of hungry aliens.
  6. Ender’s game: Recommended for ages 14+. This dystopian tale set in the future of humanity has some epic battles, but the underlying theme is always compassion. The competition-vs-friendship arc is well developed. It has twists and turns and an intelligent narrative and can be enjoyed by adults as well.
  7. The White Mountains: Recommended for ages 12+. John Christopher’s trilogy starts in a familiar post-apocalyptic world: aliens have captured the Earth using massive machines that overcome curiosity in anyone over 13, making mindless slaves out of humans. The protagonist is super relatable, and the writing style flows easily.

Great stories stay with us forever. With technology outpacing itself faster than ever, it equips young minds to imagine many possible futures. This is a great genre to do just that.

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