Kitchen and Pantry Organization

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Have you ever opened a drawer in your kitchen and been confronted by spices from 2015 that you bought for one experimental meal and then never used again? You are not alone. Kitchen organization is an ongoing process but having systems in place always helps. A clean kitchen may be the difference between cooking at home and ordering takeout – again. Here are the steps to reclaim the kitchen and pantry as a workable space:

  1. See what you have. Pull out the entire contents of your pantry and take stock of everything you have. Check all expiry dates. Throw away everything that has gone off. 
  2. Since the pantry is now empty, clean out the shelves thoroughly. There is no need for expensive specialized cleaning items. An all-surface cleaner and a rag are all you need. Alternatively, DIY your surface cleaner with vinegar and coarse salt. 
  3. Create categories for the items you have in your pantry, such as grains and pasta, spices, condiments, lentils, flours, etc. If possible, place items in separate airtight containers or use bag clips to seal them shut firmly. Repurpose old glass jars by soaking them in hot water and removing their labels. Ensure that every bag or jar is clearly labeled.
  4. Designate a space for each category in your pantry. Try to keep the food which is about to expire at the front. You can even assign an “eat me first” box so that the food does not go to waste.
  5. Repeat a similar process with kitchen equipment. Do you have kitchen appliances that are broken? Place them in the “to repair” section. If there are devices or utensils in good condition that you are sure you are never going to use, donate them to friends or family who might want to use them or donate to a charity of your choice. 
  6. Clean the remaining equipment. Remove bits of food stuck in the equipment and wipe everything down. If certain utensils or equipment need a deeper clean, look up the best ways to do so.
  7. Have plates and silverware that you never used because they are for an occasion? Bring them out! Use the good stuff. There is a joy in eating out of a fancy plate once in a while. Remember that things are meant to be used. 
  8. Finally, us an organization system that works for you. Do not worry about the Pinterest aesthetics. Please find a way to keep your stuff in a way that makes it more productive for you. If you need extra space, install door storage. If you have too much space, utilize it for something that does not usually belong in the kitchen. It should make sense for your lifestyle first. 
  9. Vacuum or mop your floors in the very end so that you can catch the swept-down crumbs!

Cleaning out a kitchen is no mean feat. If you have a large kitchen and this seems too daunting, make it a weeklong process. But once your kitchen is clean and set up for you, it is much easier to keep it up. Reward yourself with a fabulous meal afterward. 

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