Working from Home: Choosing Ergonomic Chairs

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Since the pandemic, a large percentage of office work has shifted to working from home. Working in bed with your laptop will eventually give you a backache no matter how fit you are. If you work from home often, it is best to invest a bit in an ergonomic setup that allows you to work comfortably. Here are a few things to look out for in an office chair:

  • Adjustable height: Your feet should be flat on the ground as you sit. Most chairs are meant for a person of “average” height – unfortunately, very few people are that average. The easiest workaround are chairs that allow for adjustment. This is also great if the office setup is shared between family members.
  • Back support: Human beings have not yet evolved to sit for long hours. Back support is crucial for spinal health. Look for options that provide multiple support points, such as reclining, movable back cushions, and neck support.
  • Width: The standard is a seat that is between 17 and 20 inches wide. You should have at least an inch on either side for wiggle room and should be able to rest comfortably even if you are tilted to one side.
  • Armrest: Cushioned armrests provide the necessary support required while typing. Additionally, install wrist supports if you use your mouse for many hours a day.
  • Sear pan: The seta pan should have 0.5”-1” clearance behind the knees and should be cushioned correctly. The seat should not dig into the back of your knees at any point. The best ones will let you adjust the seat pan as well. The seat pan should feel comfortable even after sitting for 120 minutes uninterrupted.
  • Warranties and returnability: The only natural way to tell if a chair is correct for you or not is to use it for a day or two. It is, therefore, better to choose the ones that can be returned within a reasonable date. Even the best of equipment wears out eventually, so warranties are usually a good investment.

Your home office setup is a massive contributor to your productivity. Make choices that work for your environment and job description and ensure that you retain your healthy posture no matter where you work from. Of course, remember to take breaks, stretch out and hydrate yourself often when working from home. A desk, a chair, and some lights that suit your purpose can make all the difference.

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