Slogan Hats: Are They the New Slogan T-shirts

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People have used many mediums to display famous slogans throughout the years, and one of the most popular ways is to have them printed on t-shirts. However, now we can see that people have started using other mediums such as hats for the same purpose.  

While you can still see baseball and bucket caps that say nothing or only have the brand’s name displayed on them, people are using these hats to share something they believe in and share their ideas. This idea has prompted big fashion brands to invest in baseball caps. 

Brands such as Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Celine, and Von Dutch have all embraced the baseball cap trend. It is not like baseball caps have suddenly become popular because they have been around for some time. Celebrities such as Spike Lee have been seen wearing his New York Yankees baseball cap on many occasions ever since the 90s.  

Other artists like LL Cool J and DMC have been seen wearing caps as well. Baseball caps often symbolize relatability, as was the case with Princess Diana, who was often seen wearing one. Famous composers like Paul Simon and Steve Reich also wear unbranded caps. 

Baseball caps are also easier to wear, and that is why more people are using them to spread their messages. This became even more evident when shows such as The White Lotus had their main cast wear one in almost every scene.  

Hats and caps are also perfect for the Zoom age. As you know, because of Covid people have to stay at home most of the time; therefore there is less face to face interaction. Wearing slogan t-shirts is therefore out of the question because you can see them anyway in the camera. Therefore, people have started to wear slogan hats instead, they are easier to read and attract enough attention without taking away much from the conversation. 

Just like t-shirts, hats have also become a communication tool between the wearer and the world. And now, as social media has allowed more people to voice their opinions, hats have become even more popular. This is evident when you open Instagram because you see many influencers wearing these hats. Granted, not all of them have slogans or statements written on their hats, and there are still a good number of people who do it. 

People have always wanted to share their ideas with the world, and nowadays, it has become much more creative. Hats are readily available, and you can customize them with ease. Slowly, we will start to see that people will stop using slogan t-shirts altogether in favor of hats. This is because hats are easier to work with when going for a particular style or outfit.  

From a fashion standpoint, they don’t take a lot away from your look compared to a t-shirt because everyone will be staring at the written message. So, yes, slogan hats are the new t-shirts. 

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